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Stoplights and bugs…yuck to both!

One of the things I miss most about Colorado (other than my family…obviously) is trail running.  One of the best feelings in the world is getting out in the mountains or the desert with nothing in front of you but open space.  One of my favorite trails was a desert trail called Lion’s Head.  I used to run there at least once a week in the spring, summer, fall with my cross country team or alone. It was a beautiful desert scene with red rocks, sandstone, cactus, the works.  Since Western Colorado doesn’t get much rain, the ground is sand and stone — the best for a long, super difficult run.  Granted, Lion’s Head was nothing less than BRUTAL in the summer months; temperatures in that part of the country can easily get to 110 degrees in the summer, especially in the desert.  The only negative about Lion’s Head was that mountain bikers also love the trail.  Once in a while, one has to jump off for the two wheeler meanies (like Scott) 😦

Needless to say, running in the city or on a treadmill can’t hold a flame to Lion’s Head or my other beloved mountain, field, desert and backroad trails of Mesa County, Colorado.

BUUUUTTTTT, last night’s five mile run through Bethesda and Tenley Town was ok.  I HATE stopping for red lights.  I have, admittedly, been nearly killed by cars about 100 times because I’m rarely patient enough to wait for the walk sign and I much prefer risking my physical health dodging in and out of traffic. But for some reason the stoplight Gods were on my side last night 🙂 Usually when I do this particular route, I have to stop about ONE MILLION times for red lights; last night I only stopped twice.  It was a great run!

Bugs. The thing I always forget about summer is the bugs.  I remembered last night.  Heaving, mouth opened and sweaty whilst sprinting down the sidewalk is a great way to catch bugs…in your mouth.  The ones that don’t make it in your mouth get stuck to your sweating, sticky body.  It’s great (clearly I’m kidding)!

But I was so happy with my no-red-light run that I didn’t even mind the bugs. That was my great Wednesday night run 🙂

Happy Thursday running, super runners 🙂 🙂 🙂 (three smiley faces for Chris Shep)


3 Responses to “Stoplights and bugs…yuck to both!”

  1. I couldnt run in the desert or mountains when noone is around b/c i would just sit down b/c noone is there to see….

  2. oh, i got a kitten btw. 🙂 i love her. Her name is Muffinface McGillacutty. So, that was running related, i know.

  3. Maybe with the new speed limits on the CCT (BOOO!), the runners will jump out of the way for the bikers so that we don’t fall off the bikes when we’re stuck going nowhere…tho I’m sure if you ever took out the bike, you would realize how awesome it is to cruise at 25+ mph, for 20+ miles with the wind and bugs in your face 🙂 It’s like riding topless in a convertible. But different.

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