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By request of Pithy…

7 quirky, perky, smirky things about me:

1) I can’t touch any cereal and/or milk unless it is chocolate.  The best combination is chocolate cereal with plain, white milk that turns chocolate by the time the cereal is gone. Coco Pebbles, Coco Puffs, etc…

2) I take freakishly long and copious notes (and still manage to forget what boss lady tells me almost as soon as I write it down).

3) Along the same vein, my day is almost totally ruined if I can’t get to work in time to log in by 6 am.

4) When I get drunk, I speak every in every language I know EXCEPT English (I also become violent more often than not, have been known to run through the streets barefoot, break various bones in zeee body, and semi-assault police officers.  Yeesh, this is why I now longer drink alcohol!)

5) I had kidney stones when I was 20.

6) My nicknames in college were “Tiger” – as in Tiger Woods – and “hodgepodge” due the many ethnicities (some identified and some not) that make up the Amber!

7) I once dated the heir to a Sri Lankan tea plantation who flew internationally every weekend to visit me!  Isn’t being lavished with bountiful gifts, vacations, shopping sprees, and food what true love is all about?!  Whoa, just kidding!

There is so much more.  Thankfully Pithy only asked for seven!


One Response to “By request of Pithy…”

  1. And this is EXACTLY why I want to see you drunk — that sounds hilarious!

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