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Not such a good day

Ok, this post kinda has to do with running.  It has more to do with what happened directly following one of my runs. I know everyone is fiending for posts about my running escapades, but you’ll all have to wait until the next one:

So, after breaking my foot during the Marine Corps Marathon last October, taking five weeks off of running to recoup, and basically being a yoga/pilates/lazy-butt for the remainder of the winter, I decided to get running once again.  My first real run of 2009 was last Saturday, but it sucked and, therefore, doesn’t count.  So, my next attempt was Tuesday during lunch…

Just like I did nearly every weekday from last spring until October, I ran the little trail in the woods next to my office in Lanham during my lunch hour.  at precisely 11:10 am, I threw on my jogging gear, put on my blaring reggaeton running music, and headed out the front door.  Nothing unusual happened during the run. I didn’t trip, I didn’t run off the path, nothing flew into my face, I didn’t vomit, I didn’t nearly step on a huge, black snake (all of which have happened on this particular trail in the past).  BUUUUTTTT as soon as I was walking back from the gym to my office in the Tech building, I felt my eyes start to itch…uh oh.

So, it takes me about three, maybe four minutes to reach my office from the main building.  As soon as I walked into my office, I headed directly to Pithy’s desk to see if she could spot anything unusual in my eye (I was thinking an eyelash or something got caught in my eye and was making it itch).  I stop at Pithy’s desk and ask, “hey, do my eyes look weird? They kinda feel weird.” To which she replies, blank faced, “Oh. My. God. What happened?!”Obviously I head straight into the bathroom to look at my face.  Yep, eyes are totally swelling up.  My right eye looks like it was punched.

Ok, so I may (or may not) be a liiiiittle dramatic, and good thing (not really) I happen to have been clutching my cell phone because I immediately begin calling my boss, who is sitting mere feet from the bathroom, AND her boss. Wait…maybe I only called one of them. Anyway, I’m on the phone frantically (and when I say frantically, I really mean it) trying to explain what my eyes look like while hysterically splashing water on my face. Within moments, Pithy, our boss and our boss’ boss are in the bathroom with me while I freak out.  Pithy, the ever-calm, able-to-think-clearly-under-pressure/stress/emergency office mom (sorry for the mom reference, please don’t kill me), collected all the eye drops she could from the office medicine cabinet and her own personal stash.

At this point, I’m leaning sideways, squirting everything in my eyes pretty much at once.  And they just keep swelling.  The vision in my right eye is now milky and now the left eye is swelling too.  Worried – because I look like I was totally beat down – my boss asks the other two where the closest hospital is.  While they’re discussing the medical center options other than PG County hospital, I overhear the words, “Benadryl shot.”  Ok, time to really freak out!

No need to go into the shot phobia. To continue: I start saying again and again and again to everyone in the bathroom, “No shot! No Shot! No Shot! Please!” so, Pithy bolts out the door to CVS, where she gets a mega pack of Benadryl (thank God for Pithy).  In the meanwhile, my boss brings me her super huge (and very cute) sunglasses for me to mask my face whilst sprinting from the bathroom to my boss’ boss’ office, where I hide and wait for the drugs to arrive.

Upon her return with the meds, I am crashed out on two bean bags in the office, hiding under sunglasses, with my eyes still growing. I take the Benadryl (which immediaetly make me sleepy) and zone out. Two hours later, with still scarily swollen eyes, my nurses let me drive myself home.  Just in case the swelling hadn’t subsided by the next day, Pithy devised a genius plan in which she worked my horrible 6 am shift and I headed to the ER.  Luckily for me (probably not), my fear of shots and my all around ridiculousness meant that the plan never had to be used. I went in to work with slightly puffed eyes and wore my horrid-looking glasses all day 😦

So, fast forward to today; left eye is still a little puffy but no where near what it was two days ago.  That day, I went home, took some more Benadryl and slept from approximately 4 pm until 4:30 am the next day 🙂 Thank you boss lady, boss lady’s boss, and especially Pithy for talking/walking/shoving me through that psudo-emergency!!I still have no idea what I’m allergic to (please, do NOT  suggest that I’m allergic to running. It’s been said and is not funny anymore, Scooooootttt), but I am heading to the allergist this week for a full body work up. Until then, I’ve been banned from running on the little trail in the woods! The end 🙂


3 Responses to “Not such a good day”

  1. I haven’t seen the pics in a few days but they still look totally OMFG. Glad you’re getting better and my emergency services are always at your disposal. Unless you call me a “mom” again. Then you’re on your own! 😉

  2. LOL. Ok ok ok, no more ‘mom’ comments 🙂 THANKS again!

  3. Yeah, thank you for posting those pictures… and get thee to an allergist sooon!!!

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